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Awesome Tricks-How To Thread Your Eyebrows Without Tweezers In 5 Minutes Or Less

This is an ancient method of hair removal that requires only a single thread to remove hair eyebrows or other body parts. This method of hair removal can be practiced by men and women; it is cleaner, faster and less painful than waxing tweezing or waxing. The thread does not cause ingrown hairs, or redness. The thread also slows hair growth because over time, the hair follicle becomes weak and thinner.

How to thread your eyebrows

Take a piece of wire, but before you start, you should draw the eyebrow shape you would like to have with using an eyebrow pencil. You can also apply ice or cold water to the area to be treated is numb.

After cutting the thread end in use, tie its ends to form a loop. Beyond the knot, cut the thread too. A portion of the wire must be held with one hand and the other part with the other hand.

The hand that does not take the part with the node must be twisted five to six times while the other part of the wire must be kept tightly (to prevent the knot from entering the center of the "chain" that you are to) At the end, you should get the shape of an hourglass or infinity sign. The thread is to open and close this channel, a technique similar to that of scissors. The bristles will be removed by the twisted central part of the chain.

Place your hands so that they are away from the face and placed on an eyebrow. The triangle of the wire should be positioned so that the bristles are in the thread. Pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Close the hand that controls the triangle around the bristles and simultaneously open the other hand. Make sure the wire is still on skin. At first it seems difficult, but once you learn the technique you would never want to stop doing.

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