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15 Celebs Who Aged Terribly

Celebs are normally known for their ever youth look. It’s a part of their job to stay in shape and always look beautiful. They hire best trainers, diet specialist, beauty expert and plastic surgeons to maintain their look. They spent thick money to stay in shape because their whole career depends on their look. But some celebrities fail to keep them fit and in shape. Today we are sharing picture of some celebs who aged terribly. Let have a look at this:

15.Val kilmer

14.Tara Reid

13.Keith Richards

12.Carrie Fisher

11.Haley Joel

10.Mischa Barton

9.Nick Nolte

8.Mark Hamill

7.Brigitte Bardot

6.Axl Rose

5.Janice Dickinson

4.Joan Van Ark

3.Pamrla Anderson

2.Mickey Rourke

1.Lindsay Lohan

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