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10 WTF Bathroom Moments That Are Completely Disgusting! (Or hilarious!)

Where Exactly Do YOU Do Your Business??

They must go through rolls of toilet paper ridiculously fast... and the bathtub is going to be clogged from all that toilet paper when you shower.!

The Number Two Reason To Be A Belieber.

Bucket Of Shame.

If your natural looks aren't reeling 'em in any more, try the new KFC hair product with Maximum hold and shine!

That Burger Is ON THE FLOOR.

That's naaasty. If you eat stuff off the floor of the bathroom, you're going to be coming back to the bathroom a lot more often...

Something To Sink Your Time Into At the Bar.

If you can't get anyone to dance with you out on the dance floor, you can still get your money's worth when you rinse up.


yself as I step up to the urinal, anyways.

A Father Daughter Moment.

Hey! Keep your eyes to yourself!

That must have felt great to finally drop that one in the toilet.

Combat Pee.

This is pretty impressive, since as an officer in the field you never know what position you'll be in when nature calls. However, I Will NOT Shake Your Hand To Congratulate You. Or Ever. Maybe a pat on the back.

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