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10 Shocking Facts About Pregnancy No One Tells You

It’s a boon for ladies to give birth. This nine month journey is never easy for any woman. During pregnancy some weird things occurred which is not even known by pregnant lady. Today we are sharing some shocking facts about pregnancy that no one will tell you.

1. Most pregnancy last for 9 months but it’s not always true. World longest pregnancy last for 375 days.
2. A male fetus can get erection in the womb.
3. During pregnancy uterus can stretch up to 500 times.
4. Your sense of smell gets better during pregnancy.
5. Nipple stimulation is the only scientifically proven method for inducing labor.
6. Babies can taste what mother is eating.
7. Your feet can grow up to full size shoe during pregnancy.
8. Tall and slightly overweight have more chances to give multiple births.
9. Generally baby’s finger prints are formed within first 3 month of pregnancy.
10. Babies form the face like this in womb.
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