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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Butt

Hello viewers, in a previous post we shared about what your butt says about your personality. Today we are again going to talk on butt. Today we are sharing some interesting facts about butt from round the corner of the world that you may not know! Have a look at some these interesting facts about butt.

10. Your glutes are the body’s largest and strongest muscle group.

9. Woman most like being complimented about their butt.

8. J. Lo's butt was rumored to be insured for $27 million.

7. Some species of butterfly breathe through their butt.

6. Like selfie there is another word belfie which means butt selfie.

5. Genetics and hormone determine size of your butt.

4. There is a bone at the top of your butt called the coccyx, which used to be a tail before evolution.

3. A study shows that kids born to women with wider butt are more intelligent.

2. Another study shows that fat in your butt is actually healthier than abdominal fat.

1. The original butt anthem, "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot won a Grammy in 1992.

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