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WATCH: A 19 Cm Long Worm Removed From Eye

By examining the eyes of a patient, a doctor discovered an intruder rather inconvenient: a parasitic worm took advantage of a wound to break into his body and become lodged inside of an eye. An impressive infection, but not very appetizing.

It is not for nothing that nicknamed the "African eye worm's". The loa Wired is a worm family nematodes which the unfortunate habit to break under the human skin to settle there. In this video you can observe precisely one of those to walk around inside the eye of a patient.

Besides the unpleasant feeling that this must cause in this poor patient, it must be said that the presence of this worm causes a little known disease: Loa loa, also called filariasis in Loa. It is estimated that Africa, tens of millions of people would be affected by this infection. It is usually contracted after a bite of a fly tabanide.

The transmission process is simple: the insect infected by worms injects a larva in the skin of the human host by pricking. She reached adulthood in 3 months and begins to live under the skin of its new host. The worms then move to the human eye, for which he has a special fondness.

Fortunately, this strange infection can be treated. Doctors prescribe steroids and pesticides to treat the whole body. In the case of the eye, it may be slightly incised in order to grab and pull.

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