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She Rejected Him Because He's Poor. What Happened When They Met After 10 Years?? Unimaginable!

Or how to find the right partner? Tough question and so universal.

And this takes time. Fortunately, most of us come to understand that personality, humor and authenticity count more than the superficial. But sometimes bad choices remain. Like those who do not pay attention to other people for the wrong reasons: because they are not "the same social class," or because they are not "exactly how envisaged ". That's a lot of missed opportunities for sometimes superficial details

To prove it, here's an amazing story circulating heavily on the Internet. That of a woman who has never given a chance to a man because she considered him "too poor". Both have lost to for 10 years, then one day, they recrossed, the greatest of chances. You will not imagine the shock suffered by the girl, whose life was dictated by money, when she learned the link between her husband and the man who had once loved but had rejected.

A great story to remember! "A young man of modest class was in love with the daughter of a wealthy man. Bursting with passion for his beloved, he decided one day to tell him of her feelings. But this girl the rejected and told him: "to monthly salary is equivalent to what I spend each day. How can you believe I'm going to be with someone like you? I will never love you! So forget me! Go find someone at your level to marry. "Despite this violent rejection, the unlucky boy, still in love, could not forget this girl.

When, 10 years later, they are recrossed by chance in a mall ... She immediately recognized him and asked: "How are you by now? I am married to a great man. "And, of course, she could not help but put the info into the conversation like what her husband earned about 13,000 euros per month ... Again disappointed by this woman he still loved her, he turned around and went Moments later, the woman's husband entered the scene and found the man with whom his wife was talking. "Sir? Hi, I see you've met my wife. Honey, this is my boss, the project of € 80 million on which I work belongs to him. "Shocked by this revelation, the woman said nothing Then, the ex-lover said:." Sir, I gotta go, I have a lot of important things to adjust. It was nice to see you today. ! Good day ". And leaving the couple remained planted on site Once the shock wore off, the woman asked her husband:" It was your boss, "" Yes my love?. A very humble person. But apparently his life was not always so beautiful. A rumor said he was in love with a woman, but she rejected him because he was poor. So he worked very hard. And as it is an intelligent, he met with success. Today he is a multimillionaire. . Unfortunately for him, he could never forget that girl and he is still not married "From a sarcastic tone, he added:" The one that really will marry him luck, "nailing without the namely, the beak to his wife. The moral of this story is that one should never judge people without knowing them. Things change and one day you may regret your attitude. In addition, we must succeed in transforming its chess real strength and motivation. Here, rather than depressed and let go, the man in question took a real revenge on life!

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