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How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly Using a Spoon

Today we are sharing beauty trick that you should definitely try because this trick make it easier to apply eyeliner. All you need is a spoon, black liquid and cotton swabs.

While choosing spoon make sure, it has a nice blunt and rounded shape. Avoid sharp edged and heavy spoon.


Step 1

Place the spoon on the outermost corner of your eye as shown in picture. It will help you determining where wing should start; add some small dots.

Step 2

Following the natural line of your lower lash connect these dots using spoon as a guide with liquid eyeliner.

Step 3

Close the eye on which you are working. Now place the spoon as shown in picture. Make sure that spoon is touching outermost end of line drawn in previous step and covers 2/3 of your eye lid area on other side.

Step 4

After placing spoon as in step 3 make a line with liquid eyeliner using spoon as a guide. It creates a triangular end at outermost corner of your eye. See the picture.

Step 5

Start filling triangular shape with eyeliner.

Step 6

Use natural shape of the eye as a guide and apply eyeliner from the innermost corner to the outermost end to complete the look.

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