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Here's What To Do When You Drop Your Smartphone In Water

Your phone has just water? It's a disaster! Find out how to save him ... This is a nightmare for everyone! This time when our cell phone falls into the pool, in the toilet or worse: in the washing machine. Each time, you wonder if you can save or if it is lost forever ... Know that there are different steps to bring your cell phone to life. Because yes, it is possible. Discover what to do and also do NOT do to save him:

1. First step:

Once you have removed your cellphone water, turn it off without any manipulation. What not to do: do not try to turn it on to see if everything still works. Perform pressure on the keys can circulate the water in the device.

2. Step

Remove anything that can detach from the cell: the SD card, the SIM card, battery. Some phones, like the iPhone, unfortunately, have built-in batteries. What not to do: SIM cards can survive to water but certainly not to heat. The trick to put his phone in his low-temperature oven is a false good idea. Heat can deform the phone's circuits and melt internal components. It's the same for the tip of the dryer: it is not recommended. A fan may possibly help save the phone but forget the microwave and / or oven.

3. Step

Draw up the liquid through all ports on the laptop with a straw or other, take a bowl to spit in it that you yearn for straw. This will avoid swallowing all kinds of chemicals from the phone. What not to do: shake your phone to get the water out.

4. Step

Use of rice. This is not because your phone is now dry on the outside as it is inside. Fill and dry rice bowl and set it on your phone. The rice will absorb moisture from your mobile phone. So it will be dry inside and outside. Leave it in the bowl for three days. Alternative method: you can place your phone in front of an air conditioner. The water evaporates quickly.

5. Step

After waiting at least 24 hours, replace your SIM card and battery in your phone and on again. This is the moment of truth. Take a small pipe cleaner to pass at all ports of the phone and see if there is still some water. If this is the case, put your phone in dry rice bowl.

6. step

If you have an iPhone, checkez liquid contact indicator. If the light that appears is not red, you can run your insurance. If it is red, it is unfortunately too late.

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