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6 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight

You want to lose extra pounds, but hectic schedule resisting you? Well, you can still lose your weight. Follow these 6 steps to trick yourself into losing weight.

#1 Drink water when you feel hungry

Many times we are not hungry, but thirsty. But our body fails to differentiate the signals. So, when you feel hungry, drink a cup of water because may be you are thirty, not hungry.

#2 More Sleep

If you are not taking proper sleep, then your body will develops unnecessary stress. It will disturb your metabolism and your body will start gaining unwanted fat. So, take proper sleep.

#3 Go For Healthy Option

Most of times you tend to eat junk food when you feel hungry. Try to eat healthy and balanced food instead of junk food.

#4 Forget About Cold Drink, Juices

If you are thirsty try to drink water instead cold drinks because they add up body fat.

#5 Control Yourself

If you want to eat cookies, candies then eat two or three pieces and stop. Because if you can’t control, then you will eat the whole packet and it will add to your body fat.

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