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4 Best Ways For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

During pregnancy most of the woman gains some kilos. If you are a newly mother and you are planning to return to your pre-pregnancy weight then post is surely for you. Follow these simple steps to lose those extra kilos.

Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is a type of exercise and burn upto500 calories each time. So, breast feed your baby to slim down.

Work Out

Kegel workout and light weight lifting will help you slim down faster.

Say no to dieting

To slim down, some mother start dieting. Instead of dieting, eat proper nutrient food to recover from delivery stress. Include whole grain, season fruit and vegetable, low-fat food in your diet.

Be relaxed

Stress is not good for new mother as well as for their infant. Stressed mind trigger fatigue, laziness and irritation which ultimate leads to weight gain due to disturbed metabolism.

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