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Why Is Biting Your Nails A Bad Habit?

People who are bored and are frustrated easily are more likely than others to nail biting or have repetitive behaviors centered on the body, according to results of a study published in the medical journal Journal of Behavior Therapy and experimental. It would also be perfectionists.

Nail biting, tearing the skin or hair would be a behavioral disorder that would reveal perfectionism of people, according to Canadian researchers.

Scientists from the University of Montreal (Canada) conducted a behavioral study with 48 volunteers, including 24 suffering from repetitive behaviors such as nail biting. Participants answered a questionnaire to assess their feelings, including boredom, anger, guilt, irritability and anxiety. They then underwent four situations that caused the stress , a desire to relax, frustration and boredom.

"The fact of being compulsively pull their hair (trichotillomania), skin (dermatillomanie) or nail biting (nail biting), are part of what is called repetitive behaviors centered on the body. Although these behaviors may cause a significant sense of distress, they also seem to satisfy an impulse and offer some form of personal reward, "says Kieron O'Connor, psychologist from the University of Montreal and co-author of the study. "We believe that these individuals (...) are possibly perfectionist, which means they are unable to relax and to perform tasks at a normal pace. Therefore, they are more vulnerable to frustration, impatience and dissatisfaction when they do not reach their goals. They also live higher levels of boredom. "

The study results show that people who bite their nails are unable to perform a task and simply relax. Moreover, boredom and frustration are increasing their compulsive behavior.

"These results confirm our hypothesis in part by the fact that participants are more likely to use repetitive behaviors centered on the body when they are bored, or feel frustrated when they are living a dissatisfaction feeling of appeasement "says Dr. Sarah Roberts, a psychologist and lead author of the study.

"These findings suggest that individuals with repetitive behaviors centered on the body may benefit from treatments to reduce frustration and boredom and change the convictions of perfectionism."

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