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What Your Heart Line Says About Your Life

Our hands contain many mysteries ... We use them constantly throughout the day they work without pause or rest. But they are also capable of much more! For example, did you know that they can also be indicative of our character?

Each part has a special meaning in fact, specific to you and your personality. We will analyze one of these lines, and you will see that it can reveal many things! The heart line is, in the palm of your hands, the highest line. It is that which is closest to your fingertips. By itself, it can be lots of things about you and your personality! It can also allow you to get to know you, and know who you really are in love and sexual level. And no need to be called Madame Irma for it, there are indeed different very simple shapes to decipher! Look at the diagrams below and then see where your hand is. You can then decrypt the different strengths and weaknesses, as appropriate.

Your line can be well below the finger, what matters is the level of which finger she stops (we'll see what is meant by a rather long or rather short line)

Line type A heart

If your heart line ends at your age, you have the personality of a born leader! Your first advantages: you are smart, independent and very ambitious. You know make decisions, and generally you do not be deceived! You know very well evaluate and assess your environment in order to make the most. By cons, your sensitivity may be lacking in depth ... which may prove to be a problem for your emotional relationships. Some may even tell you that you have a rather cold temperament.

Type B heart line

A line that ends between the index and middle fingers reveals a warm personality, caring, and fundamentally good with people around you. You are a trustworthy person. For you, a good decision must first be taken collectively. In terms of relations with others, you are made to a relationship where you are not dominant because you are undecided and sometimes too careful. Anyway, power relations annoy you and you prefer to work rather than direct.

Heart line type C

If your heart line ends at the index, you are most certainly a voluntary and intelligent person. You are a perfectionist, with all that that implies ... positive and negative. You are idealistic and ambitious, but your will to succeed and finish your projects may lead you to put distance with those you loved. So we often accuse you of being too remote, which will complicate a little your relationships.

Type of heart line D

People whose line ends between the thumb and index finger are quite rare. Few people understand them, but generally they are very patient and careful people. They contain many secrets, but are capable of a lot of tenderness and love. They are generally well considerate towards others. If you are part of this group, you are one of those who have (or will have) a more satisfactory love life.

Strong line

A well designed, clean and deep heart line indicates that the person has confidence in his own sexuality. It is gentile and generous with his partner. However, it will also tend to act on head shots and follow his desires without worrying about the consequences.

Low Line

If your heart line is shallow, slightly marked or is discontinuous, it indicates that you are a rather anxious person in love. You will experience some difficulties, some sense of fragility, you need to be constantly reassured by your partner. As long as your fears will not be overcome, they may create you some problems and blockages in your romantic and sexual relationships.

Curved line

More your line is curved, the more it shows that you have strong sexual inclinations. You are more domineering and very passionate. You are enterprising both in love than s3x. For you, the sexual aspect of a relationship is very important to achieve emotional satisfaction.

Straight line

If instead your line tends to be straight, you tend to be careful when it comes to heart stories. You never rush, and sometimes will tell you that you are booked ... It's just because you prefer to observe and understand before acting, you want to preserve at all costs possible disappointments. Generally, your attitude is passive and friendly first before becoming intimate.

Short / long line

If your heart line is short and it is struggling to achieve one of your fingers, it indicates that you're struggling to really engage in serious relationships. If the relationship does not satisfy you 100%, you prefer to have fun as you embark on long-term commitments. By cons if your line is long, it is almost in contact with your finger, you tend to fall love easily. You are passionate and you give everything you have, the risk of being a little bit blinded by emotions. This may cause you disappointment if you realize that the person in question is not the one you expected.

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