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What Is Your Body Type And How To Shape It Up To Reasonable Perfection?

Whether one is round rather slim or busty, the important thing is to feel good about yourself. Rather than be restricted to only morphotypes (mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph). We will decrypt feminine silhouettes and determine what your body type.

To do this, simply put you in underwear in the mirror. The proportions to be examined are the shoulders, bust, waist and hanches.Une Once you have paid special attention to your body, you can then determine your body type: the hourglass, H (rectangle), the silhouette in A (pyramid) or V (inverted pyramid) or round eight.

The hourglass silhouette is marked by a small waist, wide hips and a generous bust. Your shoulders and hips are aligned. You have a voluptuous body that you can reap the benefits. This figure is considered ideal.

Sports activities: all exercises to tone your thighs, stomach and buttocks, fitness, zumba, yoga, swimming ...

Dressing: You can afford almost everything, tight dresses frilly always making sure to highlight your feminine silhouette. Prefer clothing to curved cuts and fluid materials. Remember to emphasize your waist with a belt.

Avoid: dresses, coats and other loose clothing.

If your shoulder breadth is thinner than your hips, you're a silhouette A. Your body is sculpted like a pyramid: narrow at the top and round on the hips and buttocks. Your forms are your greatest asset seduction.

Sports activities: working your abs and your glutes, crossfit, cycling, aerobics, curls and abs regular sessions are all recommended exercises for you.

Dressing: Avoid waive the slogan: neither too tight nor too loose. In order to structure the proportions of your clothes, prefer clothes that direct attention towards your bust. Opt for deconstructed cuts, to beef up the body and not put too much emphasis on your curves.

V, your body consists of broad shoulders, waist and chest slightly marked; all supported by long thin legs. V characterizes the silhouette silhouettes sports.

Sports activities: a queen of camber, it talks! Swimming (with board not to force too much on shoulders) and jogging are great to refine your silhouette, your back muscles and your abs in the Explosive exercises can be a good way to save gluteal muscle.

Dressing: Avoid shouldered jackets, tops too short and the reasons that tend to emphasize the masculine side of your buxom build. Play the card of glamor and elegance, rigid cups give relief to your hips. You can opt for ruffles and flowing dresses if you assume the natural balance of your figure.

A silhouette to the twig is a fine woman, athletic or slim with relatively little chest and hips and buttocks slightly angular. Your shoulders shoulder, hips and height are in perfect symmetry (almost!).

Sports activities: please your muscles throughout history to give some volume to your body. Swimming, running, dancing or walking, why choose?

Dressing: Avoid clothes that flatten your shapes (shirt of a part, too right dress) or those that are too wide, nothing less flattering than floating in his clothes. With your feminine and delicate morphology you can afford all eccentricities: sequin, ultra flashy colors, fringes, prints and frilly wish. The bling accessories are also welcome. The mini-short and ultra short skirt remain essential if you have long legs. Otherwise, you have the cropped trousers, low waist pants and of course the slim. Listed above, loose tops and t-shirts are perfect for you. The neckline is not avoided provided you have the sexy bra that goes with it, see nothing so janes Birkin.

The round shapes are fuller and coated women. All body parts are curved (thighs shoulders size tank) The size and slightly marked. The Silhouettes of this type have rather large spread over the entire body.

Sports activities: your body is not necessarily prepared to violent physical efforts, focus on endurance exercises it will go up gradually in intensity and work your cardio and incidentally lose weight ... Swimming is perfect to keep in tone and his cardio work as cycling, rowing or walking by foot, if you are feeling fit choose the race on foot.

Dressing: Avoid clothing too sheathing or sticky stretch your body type because they mold to your body and accentuate your small beads. Highlight your strengths, sublimate your chest, stating your camber if you have nice ass, mark your waist with a belt and do not hesitate to wear heels that will refine your silhouette.

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