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Valentine’s Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Hi my beautiful friends. A few days ago I made these cute roses with black and white stripes and they came out so nicely that I thought I would put together another nail art tutorial, so you can see how I made them. It’s actually not a difficult design, but there is quite a few steps involved, so let’s take a look at the pictures and I will describe each step.

I was inspired to do this look by this awesome phone wallpaper. I just had to recreate these cute stripes, dots and roses! Lhey is so talented and makes the most awesome wallpapers.

To create these nails you will need a black and white nail polish as well as a pretty gold and some pinks for the roses. Also having a striping tape or nail vinyls will be helpful with this nail art (if you feel confident at free handing the lines, go ahead!).

Step 1. Paint your nails white and allow the nail polish to dry or use a fast drying top coat. I used China Glaze White on White. Once the nail polish is entirely dry, place your nail vinyls. I wanted to have wider stripes, hence the vinyls instead of striping tape. Make sure you don’t have any gaps or the nail polish is going to bleed and your lines are not going to be crisp.

Step 2. Paint your nails black and immediately remove the vinyls. Be fast, but delicate at the same time. The black polish is LVX Livid.

Step 3. With a dotting tool, make the polka dots. I made them both on black and white stripes. I used a beautiful golden polish from P2 called Golden Romance.

Step 4. With a larger dotting tool, make the base of your roses. I just made some rough shapes of smaller and bigger flowers. The beautiful pink is Color Club Flamingo.

Step 5. This step requires a tiny nail art brush. Take a darker pink and start making the petals. I used Color Club Youthquake and I started working from the inside of the flower. Then to create more depth I made a few highlights. For this step I like to take a white nail polish and dissolve it in acetone to make it more sheer. I made the highlights in between the petals accentuating it on the outer parts of the roses. At the end I took my darkest pink (OPI Strawberry Margarita) and made more shading in the middle.

Step 6. Make the leaves and the stems connecting the tiny buds to the main rose. For this look I opted for golden leaves to match the polka dots and keep the color combo together. Again, I used P2 Golden Romance.

That’s it! Finish your look with a fast drying top coat for glossy looking nails.

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