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This Is What Happens When You Put Onions in Your Socks

Ever detected concerning the speculation of skin absorption? consistent with this theory, there square measure many substances which will enter our body from the outer surface of our skin into the skin and to the circulation. a number of the few factors that aid within the method of absorption square measure concentration of the substance, length of contact, soundness of the skin, etc.

Why place AN Onion Slice in Your Sock Before about to Bed?

Below square measure some of the advantages of golf stroke a slice of onion in your sock.

Kills bacterium, germs and pathogens as onions square measure filled with robust medicinal drug and antiviral properties

Purifies your blood once the oxyacid from the onions get absorbed into your skin

Purifies the air around you, helps in obtaining eliminate foot odour, and absorbs toxins and different harmful chemicals

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