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Sea Salt And Vaseline For Dry Lips

Vaseline is the mostly used product by the females and it is a multitasking jelly that no girl should be without. It is one of the amazing beauty secret that has been passed from the generation to the next one and is known to moisturize a plethora of things from your face all the way down to your toes. Well, we are here to discuss the steps of the tutorial regarding the beauty and the diy healing recipes using the Vaseline jelly. Steps of the tutorial are very easy and adoptable that a beginner can also master the trick with just few tries of the practice. Grab your tools today and start following the steps of the tutorial from the beginning to the end and master the trick at your home.

You will need:

Vaseline jelly

Sea salt


Step1: Mix the Vaseline jelly with the sea salt and then prepare a scrub from the mixture of the sea salt and the Vaseline jelly.

Step2: apply the salt and the scrub over the lips with the soft side of your finger and then rub the scrub over the lips into the circular motion where you see the crack on the lips and best is this apply on your entire lip.

Step3: Now, rinse the scrub off with the lukewarm water and then apply the layer of the Vaseline jelly onto the lips and you can see the lovely pink lips there without any crack on the lips skin.

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