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Ruffian Ikat Nail Art Design Tutorial

We have posted many more nail arts tutorials to make more design over the nail and differs seasonal arts for the nail decoration. Under this tutorial we are going to explore some tricks and some different style for the better looks. Follow the steps to give a new look for the nails. Under tis tutorial we have the step in the way so that user will not get affected by the complex step.


Step1:-start designing with cleaning and dry the nails. After cleaning and designing use preferable color and paint all nails with that color which matches for the shadow of the nails we prefer blue color for IkatIncoco nail strips.

Step2:- Choose the size of the strips you’ll be using and attach them to your nails leaving nail polish uncovered in ruffian as visualized.

Step3:- attach all the strips.

Step4:- get attaché with stud and make secure the entire design with top coat.

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