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Princess Doll Eye Makeup Tutorial

Japanese style: Gyaru is a huge uproar of girly-glam style, breaking all the rules of “what’s pretty” and dwelling in a party of man-made beauty. Hop in a baby pink bubble and explore the world of Gyaru makeup and fashion.

Gyaru is almost as popular as our dear GothLoli, originating around the late 70’s/early 80’s from a brand of jeans called “Gal” which evolved into a variety of Gyarus. It all started with the Yamanba, a highly contrasted look that rebelled against Japanese society’s ideal of beauty. It was severely criticized and seen as a mockery of everyone from black people to California girls.

Literally meaning “mountain hag,” the Yamanba look consisted of deeply tanned skin, extreme white eye shadow and a vast array of unnatural coloured hair and bright clothing. Then came the Ganguros and the Manbas, which later died out and now we are circled by Hime-gyaru, Ko-gyaru and Onee-gyaru.

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