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Onion – The Amazing ‘Cure All’

You can heal everything with AN onion

This statement is probably exaggerating, however the reality is that the onion will do wonders once it involves our health and the way several diseases it will treat. it's wonderful issue simply what number people and residential remedies area unit together with onion. Remedies for fevers, burns, warts and even cancer area unit together with onion in their prescriptions.

Medicinal qualities of the onion

The quercetin may be a flavonoid and is that the main reason why onions area unit enclosed in such a large amount of people remedies. The red onions area unit together with the best amounts of quercetin and it is found totally on the half nearest to the foundation and in its external rings that area unit nearest to the skin. conjointly the white and yellow onions area unit counseled in some home remedies. Quercetin has potent inhibitor, medicinal drug, medicament and anti-cholesterol properties. Onions even have the flexibility to eliminate the toxins from our bodies, due to the sturdy antibiotic properties. you ought to use them in their raw kind so as to urge all of their healthful advantages.

Important note: If you propose to use food as drugs, you ought to use food that has been big organically and domestically. The onions that you simply will realize within the markets aren’t big organically and have traveled long distance that sure decreases their organic process worth. detain mind that the organic, domestically big onions are going to be the most effective for your home-cured remedies.

Onions area unit useful against the cold

You have in all probability detected that the onions area unit terribly effective against colds. you'll eat whole raw onion when the primary symptom of cold or drink a tea from cooked onion with ginger and honey. whereas consumption raw onion you'll cleanse your sinuses at a similar moment and also the onion tea works like potent antibiotic elixir that calms painful throat.

Onions area unit useful against fever

Maybe it's somewhat bit strange to treat fever with AN onion, however the those that tried it area unit terribly assured in it. so as to scale back high fever, you ought to do the following:

* Place grated potatoes, grated onions and a touch of minced garlic in an exceedingly try of socks.

* Wear those socks

* Apply a towel macerated in apple vinegar on your forehead.

Your temperature can sure decrease within the next hour.

Onions area unit useful against cough

In order to treat cough you ought to prepare the subsequent recipe:

* Strip off one giant onion and cut it in 0.5

* cowl the topnotch of the halves with ½ tablespoons of refined sugar

* Leave it to rest for one hour then collect the syrupy contents from the dish.

* Take it double in an exceedingly day.

The refined sugar attracts out the healthful juice of the onion and makes the sweetener additional acceptable. many of us area unit avoiding the cough syrups. The those that used this sweetener claim that it's terribly useful, natural and cheap.

You can conjointly drink the juice of AN onion mixed with honey. The honey can calm your cough whereas the onion juice may be a potent antibiotic.

Onions for earaches and wax build up

Have you ever felt a pain in your ear? or even you had wax accumulated inside? just in case you're littered with these issues you ought to place AN onion in your ear. you ought to place the deepest portion, referred to as the guts of the onion. have s#x before sleeping. within the morning you'll feel higher as a result of the medicinal drug characteristics of the onion. The ear wax are going to be easier to get rid of due to the onion juice.

Onions to get rid of a watch bother

You know that the onion can cause you to cry like nobody else. This makes it nice for removing some bother out of your eye once the tears can begin to flow. Your eye shouldn’t are available contact with the onion as a result of it'll build the items even worse.

Onions to heal a cut

Many people area unit running to their attention kit for a band aid and a few medicated ointment each time they get a cut. But, you'll conjointly take one onion and slice it in an exceedingly 0.5. Then apply its juice on your cut which can disable any infection. Then use the semitransparent onion skin and apply it over the cut so as to hide it. The injury can stop terribly before long and you'll keep your cut protected. just in case your cut is larger, you ought to place little gauze to mend the onion skin in situ. you ought to amendment the onion skin double daily till you cure your cut.

Onion juice to heal surgical wounds

Not solely it will cure little cuts, the onion is effective in healing some larger incisions too. The onion continues to amaze United States with its healing advantages. you most likely mayn’t imagine that AN onion can heal you faster in hospital than a heap of medication could. nobody will perceive why the hospitals and also the typical drugs haven't

accepted the natural remedies like this. this is often as a result of the medications area unit additional profitable than onions.

This remedy is easy and powerful. All you would like {to do|to try to to|to try ANd do} is to rub an onion on your incision and you'll be stunned by the results. The body can heal the wound faster with the assistance of the antibiotic and anti inflammatory characteristics of the onion while not exploitation any medication. you'll forestall the showing of scars too.

Onions area unit useful for removing infection

If you suffer from infected cut, harm or redness, you ought to strive the subsequent onion paste:

* Boil some milk and pour it on a skinny slice of light bread

* Chop AN onion on the highest of the bread

* Mash it and build a paste

* Clean the affected place well

* place the paste on the affected place

* Be still and leave the paste to stiffen and put off the infection.

You shouldn’t break the seal. in mere many hours the infection can begin to come back out of your body. try this procedure double in an exceedingly day till the infection is gone.

Onions to heal a burn

In case you've got burnt yourself whereas change of state, you ought to use AN onion. All you would like to try to to is to chop it on a 0.5 and apply it on your burned place for 2 minutes. The onion can calm and heal your burn. so as to reinforce the healing you ought to beat some egg whites and place them on the burned place and permit it to create a protecting layer. Then cowl it with gauze. Clean the burnt place and replace the gauze once it's required. you'll be astonished however fast your burn are going to be cured. the possibilities of showing some scar area unit reduced to minimum.

Onion to appease bee stings and alternative insect bites

In case you're injured by a bee or wasp, you ought to 1st start the stinger by scraping over your skin together with your nails or mastercard. don't compress it together with your nails as a result of it'll solely unleash additional venom into your body. once the stinger is removed you ought to apply somewhat little bit of fine cut or crumpled white onion. as a result of the onion’s potent medicinal drug characteristics the swelling are going to be minimized. The onions also are acting sort of a natural medicament.

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