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Midnight Smoke Nail Art Tutorial

With the help of book written by great Sorcerer Heir we are going to reveal some quick points which could be more useful manage your nails look like awesome. Below are the few steps described for the better look for your nails. Before that we are introducing few toolkits which could require for the nail beauty.

Step1:-At the beginning make your nails dry and clean. And coat it with black polish.

Step2:-To give the protection for the black polish uses topcoat as quickly after the black polish.

Step3:-At this step to look awesome use green polish, paint lightly and draw the wavy strips where you need on the nails. Do this step roughly where to end up the smoke.

Step4:-With the help of art brush to casually dab 100% acetone over your green polish. Don't dab too much or too hard, otherwise the acetone may begin to eat through your black base.

Step5:- Do these all steps for the all nails.

Step6:-At this step clean up your cuticles if it more required then use angle brush and nail polish remover.

Step7:- Finish with topcoat.

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