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Low Rolled Updo Hairstyle

When you are planning for the late night out parties and having very less time to prepare yourself for the party and want to carry the cool hairstyle then I believe you need to see the quick updo which will look classy and cool to carry for the party. Therefore, we are again here for the hair updo hairstyle tutorial for the beautiful people out there. We are going to discuss the low rolled up hair style tutorial among you guys in detailed steps. Steps of the tutorial are very easy and adoptable that a beginner can also master the hairstyle with just few tries. Grab the tools required for the tutorial and start following the steps of the tutorial from the beginning to the end.

You will need:

Elastic band

Bobby pins

Hair comb

Hair spray


Step1: Begin with the clean and the dry hairs and then comb your hairs thoroughly to clear out the knots of the hairs.

Step2: Grab the hairs and then make a low base ponytail and try to avoid the bumps over the crown head but yes choosing the trick will surely help you for the to keep the low base ponytail.

Step3: When the ponytail is there then make a partition hole just near to the elastic band on the pony tail and pull up the pony from that hole just to give it a twist.

Step4: Repeat the steps just by placing the index finger there as shown in figure and continue the rolling up of the tail until you finish it.

Step5: Once you are done with the rolling up then secure the design with the good hold spray and you are done with this.

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