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How To Make Crakes On Nails?

Nail art is the craze of every girl. every girl wants the new arts to take their manicure perfect and charming. The topic of nail art tutorial is the favorite topic of girls. different designs of nail art are famous but in different search engines these designs are may be quite difficult. According to the seasons the nail art and the colors of nail paint are of different quality and shades. every girl want to enjoy the nail art of every seasons. the night out parties demands dark nail paints,day out parties demands light colors of nail paint. in the same way the spring season demands cool colors and summer wants light colors. Winter season demands dark nail paint colors.

Keeping in mind all the demands of fashion and season we present you the easy and funny nail art tutorial which is the Crake nail art tutorial. this nail art is quite easy and can be made in few mints. This nail art tutorial is best for the ladies who have no ti,e for taking care of these fashion. now be careful about yourself because we bring the latest fashion designs in very easy way so that you can enjoy the colors of your life.

Crake Nail Art Tutorial

for making the easy crake nail art tutorial you needs different colors of nail paint. you can pick these colors of your own desire and a glitter pen. the glitter pen ‘ll use in a silver color on dark nail paints otherwise you can pick this one of your own choice

steps to make crake nail art

Take a nail paint of your choice

apply one color of nail paint as a base color

take another nail and drop a tiny drop on a foam and make the design on a little sections of your nails.repeat this by different nail paints

about 2 to 3 nail paints are enough.

now take the glitter pen and draw line on your nail in that way as the lightening occurs with clouds.

and now you are done complete this by applying a shinner on your nails

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