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How To Effectively Lose Weight Fast

The same provision "lose weight" is not enough, because it is too abstract. You have to precisely state the purpose, develop a plan, designate tasks for each day and a strategy for emergency purposes. Carolina Zarychta, health psychologist Wroclaw Social Psychology tells you how to effectively plan and implement change in health habits.

P for First you need to concretize your goal. helpful in the realization of this goal may be SMART concept, whereby the aim should be: specifically defined, measurable, ambitious, realistic and timely manner to achieve, ie a certain time. With this method, our resolve to "lose weight" will become a specific objective: "to lose weight 5 kg in 3 months, through a change in diet and physical activity". In this way, we know which way we have to overcome and how long it takes us to achieve our goal.

P for the second should do a detailed action plan. If you want to start daily walking, let us ask ourselves the question, when and how long we're going to do it. Are we able to save half an hour at 17:00 on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays? By introducing healthier eating habits to determine the hours worth of meals and food intake or calories (if you're on a diet reduction).

Q for the third should find support. It's about space, things and people that may be helpful in achieving the goal. If we want to start running, consider whether to use a help coach, and perhaps more briskly will practice with a friend who has a similar goal? Let's choose a form of exercise that suits us and see if we have the necessary hardware and matching the given discipline sports outfit.

What to do when the crisis comes? It is important to identify possible obstacles that can stand in our way and discuss how to counteract them. If you are worried that not enough time for us to preparation of healthy meals throughout the day, you should think about preparing them in advance. If every week we host of a loved one, which prepares high-calorie meals, preferably will warn you that we are on a diet.Helpful in maintaining motivation may be to ask, "Then I will know that my plan was implemented?" And imagine yourself having achieved the target.

How to control reaching for unhealthy snacks during the diet? The change eating habits promotes the use of self-regulation strategies. This action such as: avoiding temptations and control, distraction, establishing rules and considering the decision. An example of application is, for example, to avoid circumvention of the department of unhealthy food in the store or to choose another way back from work, on the where we will not be passed by your favorite bakery. This strategy is particularly effective when they are hungry or tired, and therefore lacking cognitive resources to use other methods.

You should learn to control the temptations, because their avoidance is not always possible. One method is to bury or even removal from your home of unhealthy snacks and replacing them with healthy food. By controlling the temptations it is possible to modify our environment so conducive to implementation of the plan changes. When we want to eat something unhealthy should then take care of something pleasant, unrelated to food. Such distractions increases the likelihood that we will persevere in the order or, for example, do not fry before a meal.

What to do when you decide to succumb to the temptation? Let's apply the method for establishing the rules that will help reduce the intake of unhealthy snacks, but also specify alternative. Let us resolve: "Today eat in the break apple instead of a candy bar." Contemplation is a strategy by which we focus on our real needs. Before reaching out for candy, sweet carbonated drink etc. We should think about what you really want - or be tempted whether to persevere in a fixed plan. Combining self-regulation strategies can help in the effective implementation of the objectives related to changing eating habits.

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