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How Dangerous Are Tattoos?

A nice drawing on the skin can be very attractive to many, but can also be dangerous because of its side effects which we do not always informed. Before getting a tattoo, we should know what that is and what the consequences of the tattoo on our health.

Normally, an electric machine is used with disposable needles that inject us a color ink in the lower layer of the skin , the dermis. The top layer or epidermis easily lose the ink as it peels after injuries. That's why we use the inner layer where the ink remains indefinitely, and it is also why it is difficult to get rid of a tattoo

Why is this dangerous?

First, we should find a lounge authorized by the Ministry of Health, with qualified professionals, to ensure that instruments and products used are of quality and that all hygienic measures to prevent infectious diseases such as AIDS, the tetanus , hepatitis , or other infectious by blood.

Anyway, tattoos can cause various skin complications like granulomas (red beans) and it catrices keloids that arise suddenly because of inflammation or allergic reactions, even years after the completion of the tattoo. It is not recommended to get a tattoo of a mole, thus preventing future analyzes for complications cancer .

How to prevent complications?

It is important whether a tattoo parlor authorized by health authorities. We must ensure that the tattoo artists take all necessary measures to prevent contagious diseases. We need to verify that they are using new disposable needles for each customer and they throw well after use inks and bands which represent another source of infection.

The institution must rely on their tools in an autoclave to sterilize all injuries and worktops should be cleaned with disinfectant. The tattoo artist must wash hands with soap and antibacterial use disposable latex gloves. Once the work is completed, it must provide a guide on how to avoid infection and keep intact tattoo. It is always good to discuss all these points before beginning the tattoo.

To consider ...

Before making a permanent tattoo, you should know that if one day you get tired, eliminate it will be expensive and will be very painful.Moreover, it is likely that this leaves a scar . Many people head to the health centers to remove old tattoos or to treat complications that arise after some time.

On the other hand, if we take the weight, stretch marks can appear and change the design of the tattoo, which can also be altered with pregnancy. That's why we advise women not to tattoo the breast or stomach , especially.

Modern Alternatives

If you want a tattoo but you're not sure you want to keep it long, you're in luck: there are less toxic and biodegradable inks easier to remove that are being developed. The only drawback is the price because they are more expensive than conventional inks and are not very common.

It is very important to take into account the quality of the inks: sometimes cheap tattoos cost more later if we have to go to the doctor or eliminate it for medical reasons. You should know that the inks and pigments are dangerous for several reasons:

• The use of contaminated ingredients during manufacture.

• Manufacturing processes that introduce contaminants.

• Unhygienic practices that contaminate the ink bottles.

• The use of unsterilized water to dilute inks.

• The use of outdated inks whose expiration date is exceeded.

Photographs reproduced courtesy of Renato and Luis Fernandez.

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