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Here’s What Guys Actually Think About Lipstick

Like many makeup divas there are lots of other females who are huge fan of lipstick. But sometimes wonder that men are jazzed with the bold face paint rather than the glossy lips. But the guys are actually meant to be the fan of the glossy lips all the time as the survey studies says. The survey also says if the women wearing the dark red lipstick then she will receive the most prolonged gazes from the men and yet you can see number of guys will be saying that they hate this stuff but in actually they don’t want to admit the stuff as they have been looking out for the same things as well.

There are lots of the things which attracts men when they look on the pretty female, one thing is pretty sure that if you look at a girl and you just see the lipstick then it will be the distraction for the rest of her face and you won’t be able to stop yourself gazing on her. Well there is a list of the guys who think differently for the girls wearing the lipstick and as follows:

• If anything can turn off then it’s a woman without lipstick

• As long as it doesn’t look crazy on her, it’s attractive in my book

• The right shade lipstick can add the attractiveness to the woman. Bold and unnatural colored lipstick can do the opposite to the same.

As like these comments there are lots of the other comments from the guys and their reviews for the lipstick. Well, being a guy you definitely gonna gaze on the real beauty of the female.

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