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Effective Home Remedies For Premature Greying Hair

Having hair white is not just a question of aesthetics, especially when they appear prematurely. This is a signal that our body sends us to warn us of an accumulation of toxins that occurred in this part of the body near the brain area. Let's review the food, nutrients and remedies that can prevent their appearance and improve our condition!

A lack of copper

A copper deficiency contributes to the premature appearance of white hair; therefore we must consume daily foods that contain:

Dried fruit


Brown rice

Of legumes



Of lawyers

Of potatoes


You can also fill this gap by taking copper trace elements. It will then take three months.

Too much salt

Excessive salt consumption and salty foods is another factor which is involved in the onset of hair whites. We recommend you to avoid table salt and convenience foods, chips, cheese, etc.

Table salt is refined salt contains only sodium chloride. It is better for the health of choosing sea salt or Himalayan salt, both rich in minerals and trace elements.

The liver and gallbladder

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the hair meridian coincides with the liver : it is necessary to observe the functioning of this body receiving unexpected hair problems. The liver andgallbladder bile were quickly overloaded by poor diet and by negative emotions, especially anger .

What to do to the liver and gallbladder are working properly?

Take fasting a spoonful of oil of olive extra virgin with the juice of half a lemon . Then drink two glasses of warm water, and spent twenty minutes, take his breakfast. This remedy is simple but it is very effective to purify the body.

Another useful way to relax the liver , which is a body that tends to catch cold, is to get the evening a hot water bottle on the coast,on the right. It's also very relaxing and it helps to better sleep .

According to Chinese medicine, the liver regenerates the early morning, it is essential not to eat too generously or too late.We can choose to dine vegetable soup, gazpacho, a soup, anomelette , fish, a apple baked for dessert, etc.

The best foods to avoid the appearance of gray hair

There are three foods that are excellent for preventing the appearance of hair white:

Parsley juice: it can be mixed with apple juice to improve the taste.

Germinated alfalfa: you can buy already prepared or germinate the seeds themselves by keeping them in a moist container, but without water for several days.

Carrots (raw or cooked ).

A massage to relieve tension

Did you know that a voltage can occur even at the head? The same tensions that affect our muscles can also affect the scalp. When the mass, it should move easily; However, most people have a rigid scalp so badly irrigated. To avoid this, it will massage every day the entire scalp forming small circles, taking off more than the rubbing. After a few minutes, it will become more flexible and will give a pleasant sensation of tickling.

The manual reflexology

Another surprising exercise that will help us prevent white hair is done on the reflex area of the hair found on the hands, and concretely on nails .

Ask the nails of a hand with those of the other hand, except the thumbs, and rub them against each other for several minutes. When you stop, you should feel a tingle on the nails. It should perform this exercise for several months to get results, but if you follow the same time the other tips we gave you above, you will then notice a clear improvement!

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