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Aztec Print Pattern Nail Art Tutorial

Aztec patterns square measure hot immediately. they seem everyplace, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs and different places. thus i made a decision to create one, however somewhat completely different. Here is that the nail art tutorial: Nahuatl print pattern

Step 1: 0.5 a nail

Pick up a bright coloured cosmetic. I opted for the colour red. Paint one 1/2 your nail.

Step 2: lines

Pick up a skinny brush or your striper brush and pull a number of random lines. certify that there's some variety of pattern in it. Use circles, vertical lines, horizontal lines.

Step 3: dots Nahuatl

To pimp the look, use atiny low dotting tool and place dots within the some empty areas.

Stap 4: prime coat

If you let everything dry and you're happy with the look, add a prime coat to get pleasure from your creation longer.

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