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Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Removal Of Unwanted Hair Permanently

Excessive growth of hair on the body is usually caused by male hormones androgenic hormone and this condition is popularly called hairiness. although thought of as harmless, this condition will truly cause lots of distress and embarrassment amongst folks. aside from the androgenic hormone, the expansion of coarse and arduous hair may even be as a result of stress, fat or just hereditary. hairiness affects each men and girls and may cause lots of psychological stress and lack of confidence.

Though there area unit many ways to get rid of the superfluous growth of hair. In fact, with the advancement of technology there are numerous ways in which to urge eliminate these unwanted hair growth for good. Excessive hair can even be removed reception through bleaching, shaving, threading, waxing and also the application of varied hair removal creams. however within the recent years, written material has gave the impression to be the foremost trustworthy ways in which to get rid of these unwanted growths of hair.


The science of written material offers United States some classical preparations, the prolonged application of which may take away the expansion of excess hair for good. the 2 essential ingredients needed during this method area unit Thanaka and Kusuma Oil.

Thanaka– typically found in Union of Burma, Burma, Thanaka is seasoner cosmetic paste that is yellowish- white in color and acts as a noteworthy skin conditioner. This additionally acts as an excellent sun block and has opposed aging properties. Thus, aside from being an excellent ingredient within the permanent removal of hair, Thanaka additionally has numerous skin smoothing properties. It may be simply found at numerous ayurvedic stores. Kusuma Oil– this can be essentially Carthamus tinctorius oil that has nice medicative edges.

In written material, there's a selected approach of removing unwanted hair. a protracted repetition of this procedure for a amount of very little quite three months will for good take away hair within the unwanted areas and leave your skin with a natural and exquisite glow. in contrast to cosmetic merchandise and different chemical formulations, written material will solely leave a glowing and clear skin that is soft, sleek and beaming. Following area unit easy steps within which you'll be able to as if by magic get eliminate unattractive hair growth.


1. Grind and create a thick paste of Thanaka and Kusuma oil.

2. take away all the unwanted hair on your body by the applying of hair removal cream or wax.

3. Apply and massage the paste till it gets soaked within the open hair pores. Let it dry for quite 3 hours.

If you repeat this procedure for one hundred days at a stretch, you'll be able to be assured of the permanent removal of hair. written material is one in every of the foremost trustworthy {ways|ways that|ways in that} of natural hair removal which has no negative effects. So, leave aside all the rashes, scars and different aspect effects caused by numerous cosmetic and chemical treatments. Follow this ancient remedy to expertise complete glow and a natural radiance that too at worth|a value} effective price.

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