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5 Natural Tips To Grow Hair Faster

Forget the supermarket shampoos that "stimulate hair regrowth." These are 100% natural remedies but very effective to gain valuable centimeters.

No, cut your hair at full moon will not change the case, brush 100 times a day either. To change from the pixie cutthe surfer hair without spending a decade rather bet on the actions below.

Foods that boost hair

Start with an internal processing by reviewing the contents of your plate. On the menu for hair bulb assets: protein (fish and lean meats), vitamins A, B and C (eggs, wheat germ, whole wheat bread, fruit and colorful vegetables), iron (legumes, green vegetables and whole grains) and omega-3 (vegetable oils and flaxseed).

The scrub Scalp

Amazing but true, scalp, like the rest of your skin, gaining a lot to be erased. Free of impurities, dead cells and dandruff, scalp breathe and allowed to grow hair. For a homemade scrub , mix vegetable oil with fine salt, use line by line to damp hair, massage a few minutes, rinse and wash your hair. To be renewed every week.

The head massage

The scalp massages are excellent to activate microcirculation and boost growth. For an exceptional massage, massage you with the tips of your fingers spread starting with the neck then up to the top of the skull. You can then form a suction cup with the palm of your hand and draw your scalp with it.

Brewer's yeast

In addition to your special feeding back, you can begin a cure yeast (to last three months). Armored vitamin B (essential for the synthesis of keratin), brewer's yeast helps to make hair grow faster. As a bonus, your nails (composed of keratin, too) will be at the top.

Castor oil

The grandmother remedy for ultimate hair growth is castor oil, a vegetable oil rich in fatty acids. For practicality, once a week, mix castor oil with other vegetable oil such as olive oil, because it is very viscous. Massage your scalp and leave on all night.

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