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4 Home Remedies For Shiny Nails

To have cared and naturally beautiful nails, no need to buy the latest nail fashion. At a time when the natural is advocated, some tricks allow us to compete with the most sophisticated manicurists.

Beautiful natural nails

Take the time to clean, treat and moisturize the nails is a necessary first step before a beauty treatment. One wishes to recharge the varnish for parties or leave natural, nails reflect a general mood. So if you're pretty and you love makeup, and damaged nails filed down the risk of detonation. Our tips to maintain the natural beauty of our nails.

Nail cleaner

Nothing worse than nails with poor hygiene. If we remove some dirt under our fingernails and we do not wish to use the nail file, you get used to brush the fingertips using a nail brush, a little water and soap.

We can also dip a toothbrush in baking soda and scrub under your fingernails.

With glowing nails

The white vinegar does wonders on hair but also on our fingernails, which he adds shine. Or quenching is rubbed these nails with white vinegar to make their all their splendor. Tip fragrant but visually bluffing!

More white nails

Against dull nails, stained , there is a choice between several options: a whitening varnish or any of these natural recipes:

-on regularly polishes her nails on a lemon wedge.

-on bathes once a week her nails in a mixture of warm water and hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes.

More resistant nails

Like the hands, nails face daily number of attacks: soap, detergent, wind, cold ... To strengthen and make them good, they are mass with warmed olive oil. This makes them more resistant.

In addition, this eases unwanted cuticles. Thus softened cuticles are easier to control: either repels them with a wooden stick or are cut with a small clip desires if they are too important being careful not to get hurt.

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