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Faded Pink Lip Makeup Tutorial

When the summer is round the corner to come then along with the dark colors a blended mixture of the light colors and the dark colors preferred more. Therefore, we are again here with the beauty makeup tutorial of the faded pink lips and the tutorial is explained here with the step wise details. Steps of the tutorial are very easy and adoptable that a beginner can also master the style with just few tries of the practice. Grab your tools required for the tutorial and then start following the steps of the tutorial from the beginning to the end and get this in your way.

You will need:

Lip scrubber

Lip balm

Colorless and the dark color lipstick


Step1: Begin by using the lip scrubber over the lips so you can remove the dead skin from the lips and then use the lip balm over the lips just to moisturize the lips.

Step2: Using the pencil liner draw out the “X” over the cupid of the upper lip so it will be easier for you to draw the outlines of your lips.

Step3: the same way contour the lower lip as well and then drag the pencil from the corner to the center-edge.

Step4: Fill the lips with the same pencil liner and then apply the lipstick using the lipstick wand.

Step5: Now, using the colorless lipstick apply it on the center area of the lower lip so you will see the pink shade of the lip.

Step6: Now using the lipstick wand smudge the lower lip so the center area of the lower lip will look bit faded and you are done here.

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