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Quick Everyday Curly Updo Hairstyle - Tutorial

You will need:

Bobby pins

Hair spray



Step1: Start with your curly dry hairs and then give a texture hair spray to your hairs and then scrunch your hairs so your curls will be bit fluffy. We suggest you to prefer the day old hairs for the styling.

Step2: Grab a chunk of hairs from the front of your head and split into two parts and start braiding these sections of your hairs.

Step3: Continue braiding of your sections till you get at the back of your head and finish the braiding at the back by adding up the hairs from the rest hairs and secure the end with clear elastic.

Step4: Grab the rest of the hairs and make one another braid and secure its end too with the clear elastic.

Step5: Now, grab the first braid and secure the braid across the head near the back nap just by folding the braid.

Step6: The same way secure the other side braid too just below the previous one and secure this too with the bobby pins and then give your hairs a good hold spray and you are done here.

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