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How To Whiten Your Teeth Using Banana Peel?

You switch on your TV. And there are many companies who offer you glittering white teeth with the help of blue crystal paste or white chewing gum. According to these advertisements the paste has the power to turn the yellow -yellow teeth of your neighborhood cows into white pearls. You blindly want to buy the paste or the chewing gum just because the people behind the AD have brains. But we would like to tell you to be cautious; there is nothing apart from synthetic chemicals that are so powerful to turn your yellow teeth into white within a few days.

If you are health conscious and aware of the drastic results that these powerfully chemicals produce you will definitely want to chose a simple, effective and safe alternative. F we tell you that a fruit as simple as a banana sitting in your fruit basket has the magical qualities to turn your teeth white will you believe us? Well you should, the powerful potassium ad calcium proportions which are found in the banana peel will help remove the stain from your teeth.

We will tell you some simple ways by which you can turn the simple fruit into a great natural cleaner-

1. Keep your banana handy into a bowl under the coverage of thin layer of plastic sheet.

2. Keep this banana under protection for about a day and the next day you will see the banana has become ripe.

3. Now the most important step is to choose the best candidate for the job. Well the banana you choose should not be too ripe and should not be under ripe. It should be dark yellow in color but not brown or black.

4. Peel your banana from down to up. Yes it is awkward to do it opposite ways but the reason behind this style of peeling is to get the starchy layer of minerals on your peel.

5. Once you get your peel, be sure to use only a small section and store the rest away quickly under the plastic coverage for the next day.

6. A small thin line of peel is enough, rub this peel on your teeth for about 5 minutes and then leave it on for 10 minutes.

7. Take a toothbrush dip it in hot water or plain water with a pinch of baking soda and brush your teeth for a few minutes.

8. Then use a liquid mouth cleanser to rinse off the remaining from your teeth and mouth.

You need to practice this routine for a week to see results. Try this natural remedy and you will surely see the difference. This method is safe, tested and highly appreciated by many.

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