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Difference Between Expectations and Reality

Expectations in human life is really weird some time or you can call it hypothetical condition when you dream something big but in reality you will find totally opposite to your expectation. To measure the complete difference between reality and expectation you need to catch some pictures on internet so you can judge well what you expect but in reality what you actually get.

We all of us some at time have noticed that the expectations are real imagination and the reality is drastically hell so can discuss with few examples: growing with mustache is not always cool all the time, giving aw ink expectation and reality wink, waking up for school expectation can be the worst part, transformers aren’t that cool in reality, braces might look cool but in reality they are very painful etc.-etc. can be in the list of reality and expectations difference.

Watching the reality and expectation difference can be funny at the time but don’t keep your expectation so high that reality going to shock you more so you will not able to bear the truth. Stay calm and just enjoy this on internet only because this is good for fun only like funny images clicked randomly.

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