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Signs That Shows You Are An Online Shopping Addiction

You get up in the morning with a faint memory of your dream, in your dream you were struggling to buy the perfect outfit for your Sunday brunch date. The moment you get up all you could think about is the perfect dress, so the instant solution for your problem is right sitting next to you, your mobile. Now you will think how can a phone help you buy a perfect dress, it can’t but the application on your phone of various online shopping sites will help you get what you want.

Nowadays getting a dress to a simple hairpin is just a click away. You pick your phone up and start browsing the enormous collection of products your favorite shopping sites have to offer. You don’t have to rush toa market and face the traffic, pollution and even your car fuel to buy what you want. The product you choose or like will come to you from far across land, cities and sometimes even from far away countries.

Online shopping world is ever growing; it is gaining popularity among the young generation as well as the older generation. The young ones want what they want fast without hassle and the older ones now are running short of energy to get dressed and ready for the retail market. The online shopping process has deeply impacted the retail real world market. The shop-keepers face a real tough time fighting and winning the grand online advertisement and low cost prices that they offer.

Online shopping in today’s world does not limit itself to clothe and accessories. It offers us various things from groceries to even our birthday cakes. Whatever you want is on display on one or the other site. You are sitting in the comfort of your home and getting what you want. You do not have to worry about getting dressed and getting stuck in traffic all you need is your phone and a good data plan.

I will tell you some hints to find out and check whether you really are addicted to online shopping or not-

1. Do you spend more time on the internet than you do with your friends and family?

2. Do you know which site is offering g what sale and discounts and when?

3. Do you keep track of your site by daily checking your mail for new offers?

4. Are you always in need of something you saw on the internet?

5. You have brought things which felt necessary when you saw them at a bargain but don’t know now how to use it?

If all the above questions have answers in affirmative then you definitely are addicted to online shopping.

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