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Unique Flooring Ideas for Any Room

Unique flooring styles are now demanded at a large scale in the modern generation. The flooring should be different and attractive, so that it can enhance the beauty or looks of your rooms. Especially in high class families, it demandable, because they have no shortage of money, and they can go upto any extent to increase the standard of their living by improving the beauty of their home from inside as well as outside.

For those who want to know about the unique and pretty flooring styles, we have some examples for you as follows:

1. Puzzle style flooring

This style of flooring is made up of with the wooden pieces in a proper look of puzzle style. This is specially used for the kid’s rooms.

2. Plywood flooring

Flooring is made up of with the help of plywood; it will give you a simple, sober and attractive look.

3. Flooring with leather

The flooring of any room can be done by using leather.

4. Timber flooring

5. Ceiling flooring

Ceiling material can be considered as one of the best flooring material and it gives a stylish look.

6. Combination of bricks and tiles

This is the unique style of flooring that you can like very much, and it gives a different and pretty looks to your floor.

7. Penny flooring style

8. Flooring by patch work

9. Flooring in the form of platform

This kind of flooring can be made up exactly like a platform style.

10. contrast timer flooring

11. circled style flooring

12. Flooring by using bricks

14. Flooring with bottle cap

This flooring can be designed by using the caps of the bottles, as you can see in the picture.

15. Bricks and tiles combination flooring

17. Floor in the style of mapping

18. Flooring with pebbles

21. Flooring with horseshoe

22. Colorful timber flooring

This kind of flooring can be made with colorful timber slides. So above are the some fabulous ideas for your flooring styles, which you can use in your rooms and get satisfied results.

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