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Things That Are Funny And Similar To Each Other

Similarity can be defined as the same features of two things these can be anything that surrounds your daily life. It is good to have similar features in some products, because it helps in creating substitute of that particular product. In this post we are not focusing on the benefits and other related concepts of similarity, but we are talking about those things that make you laugh when they shown together as below:
1. Nicky Minaj is looking like troll doll
2. Justine timberlake is having hairs just like noodles
3. Jacob black is similar to Alpaca
4. Dogs having same hairs as their owners
5. Card similar to t-shirt of that lady
6. Dog is smiling as men
7. Feather dresses in fashion show
8. Wearing similar flower dresses
9. The brain of a shark=vagina
10. Clothes of a homeless=high fashion dress
11. Towel is looking similar to a dog
12. Cute puppy similar to JB
13. Similar bags matching with the t-shirt
14. Lady gaga is quite similar to Chinese crested dog
15. Italy’s map color is similar to women’s shoes
16. Kim Kardashian=killer whale
17. Same facial expressions of a guy and lovely cat
18. Funny style of a cat similar to muscular
19. Men and cat are doing the same activity
20. Hairs made of banana=Goku
At last, it can be said that the above pictures are having maximum similarities that can make laugh to anyone. So, you can see these kinds of similarities in your daily life surroundings also. These are funny as well as attractive that can get more attention from the people going here and there near to these things. There is no specific reason or message behind these, it is just an example to show you and make you laugh.
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