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Designer Creates Perfectly Useless Product Designs

Before the creation of a product, first the design of that product is made up. There are different kinds of products design activities take place. The product designers are so much perfect in making lots of attractive designs for a product. They make designs in accordance with the maximum use of a product as much as the user can use it. You may search so many designs of a product, which can give you maximum use of the product or an item.

Instead of searching the optimum utilization of a product design, you may also go for searching the perfectly useless designs that are totally opposite of the above mentioned criteria. Designers also creates perfectly useless product designs that might be make you laughing.

Some of the examples are as follows:

1. Watering pot

The picture is showing a watering pot to water the plants by hands, but in the picture, as its main side of shower is turned into it only, as it makes no use.

2. Useless shoes design

3. Useless spoons and folks

The folks and spoons are shown in the picture are totally useless, as these are attached with roller rings that makes them flexible.

4. Whisky glass of no use

The whisky glass shown in the picture is of no use, as it has no open side to drink properly.

5. Useless key design

6. Folk attached with a chain

The folk shown in the picture is attached with a chain, that doesn’t make any use of it.

7. Closed spoon

The spoon has no front open side to eat properly.

8. Cleaning brush

9. Useless pane

The pane shown in the picture has two handles to carry it but both are attached nearly or on one side only, it will give you problem to handle the pane properly.

So above are the some useless product designs that are really of no use, but makes you laugh.

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