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Best Places To Be In Toronto

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and boasts some of the most famous tourist places in Canada. Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and is voted as the happiest city in Canada. There must be something in here which attracts the local citizens as well as the tourist to it. The people of Toronto speak many languages, have many cultures and are often associated with one or many political beliefs. The friendly nature of the citizens and the beautiful location of the city attracts all towards itself.

What happens when you place a 553m tall tower made of steel and concrete in the centre of the city? It becomes famous. The NATIONAL CITY TOWER is one of the tallest structures in the world; this city tower is well equipped with state of art security system. Tourists as well as locals enjoy standing on its observatory deck ad enjoying the best scenes of Toronto.

The CITY HALL of Toronto has been seen as the back draw of many American films show casing a modern era of world. The specialty of Toronto’s city hall lies in its futuristic architecture. It has been voted as one of the best architectural structures in the world is often praised for its design and modern idea. The present city hall of Toronto replaced a predecessor which was a historical landmark. The past and the present of the city make this Toronto structure such a well known landmark in Canada.

The Toronto islands, this modern newbie are a part of the new car free community of North America. This new attraction is only accessible by ferry services and hence no cars can e located in the Toronto islands. The islands have a public garden area and a children amusement park called Centreville. This attraction is highly famous among the adults as well as the children. Toronto has everything to attract tourists of all choices towards it.

Toronto offers us a mixture of modernism as well as historical if the city hall and national tower represent the future we have structures like the CASA LOMA and the ST MICHEAL”S cathedral which give us great insight into Toronto’s association with history. CASA LOMA Is the largest full sized castle of North America of the Edwardian era. Tourists enjoy their time visiting the old structures and associating themselves with the glorious days of kings.

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