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Benefits Of Regular Exercise To Stay Fit & Healthy

You want to look good? Whenever thos question arises in your mind first thing you do is get a good look at yourself in the mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall do I look good to you at all? The mirror won’t answer in reality but yes it will definitely reflect your physical appearance. In order to look good and feel confident we need to trim away our fat, melt away those carobs resting on our stomach and give our body a muscular shape. The best way to get you in perfect shape is with the help of physical activity. Physical activity can be of many types, you can simply go out for a walk, do some home free hand exercises or may be join a gym or yoga classes. The amount of physical work you need to put into yourself depends upon your own health conditions.

For a person who goes out for a 2 mile walk or jogging would probably not need to hit a gym and burn extra calories vigorously. But a person who has been away from a jog or a run in months would clearly need to put great effort in order to get back in shape. Now the question arises why should we really need to exercise? Many people who are not fat think that they do not need exercise but it is not true. Exercise is a must for people wanting to get back into shape but along with them it is a necessity for people who want to stay healthy from inside and outside both.

Our body is nothing but a machine. And what happens to a machine if it s not moving and working but just ideally sitting in one corner? It loses its original power and vitality. Similarly if we do put our body into work it will rust from the inside and at the end won’t function with its old vitality and vigour.

Some of the other benefits of exercise are-

WANT TO REDUCE YOUR STREES HIT THE ROAD. YES YOU READ IT CORRECT. If you want to reduce your stress and give your brain a rest you can do it simply by hitting the road. Going for a walk, Fresh air and the pumping activity of your heart when you walk or run give oxygen to your brain and help it to relax and loosen our stress.

BRING HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE- IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY THE SIMPLEST WAY TO BE HAPPY IS DOING EXECISE OR YOGA. When we jog, run or do any sort of activity our body produces the happy hormone, endorphins. The production of this hormone makes you feel happy, delighted and content. Hence if you want your stress to go away and be happy all you have to do is exercise.

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