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Top 10 Hill Stations To Visit In India

This post makes you able to know about top 10 hilly areas in the world if you are searching before going on vacations. As everyone of you wants to have some memorable days and moments while going for vacations. So, if you are planning to go for vacations in hilly areas then this post will be proved useful for you.

Following are the top 10 hilly areas in the world:


It is the best and first tourist hill station that attracts the entire world through its greenery and hills and mountains. It is in HIMACHAL PARDESH. It has so many historic and unique places to visit. People mostly prefer this place to visit for vacations.


If talk about soothing and charming beauty then it is situated in this place only. It enables you to have a look on Himalayas. So many enjoyable activities are done in this place such as: rock climbing, hot air balloons, and so many other activities to enjoy.


This place is known for its tea plantation in kerala in south. This place has its own green beauty due to tea plants.


West Bengal consists with this place and famous for its exotic view of tea gardens.

#5. OOTY

If you want to feel relax, then this place is the best option for you. It is famous for its quite soothing nature.


This place is situated in Uttarakhand and near to Kumaon. It consists of so many things such as attractive restaurants , naini markets etc.


This place has its own attractive beauty in TAMIL NADU and famous for forests.


This unique and attractive place in Maharashtra is named as “MATHERAN” nearby Mumbai. It is famous for walking trails and lookouts.


Uttarakhand has one more famous and attractive place to visit named as “MUSSOORIE”. It is situated nearby DEHRADUN and offers large number of facilities to the tourists and honeymoon couples.


The last and famous name in the list of hilly areas is known as “SARINAGAR”. It is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. This place is full of greenery which highly attracts the visitors.

So, at last it advisable to you that you can opt any of the above option if you are planning for awesome vacations.

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